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© Copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved
Mark Mosher
Consulting Services

© Copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved
Mark Mosher
Consulting Services

Rosewood Furniture Factory Direct Privacy Policy (Updated 1 April 2006)

Commitment to Privacy

We value you as a customer, and we know you're concerned about protecting your privacy online. Our mission is to inform you of our policies for collecting, sharing, disseminating and securing customer information online. Our policy is quite simple: we do not share any customer information with anyone.

What information is needed when I place an order?

For orders we will need : your full name, home address, billing address, e-mail address and phone number. We need this information and credit card number to process and ship your order. We will e-mail you to confirm your order and keep you updated on your order status. If we have a question about your order, we may contact you by e-mail or by phone. For example, we may call you to verify your credit card information on a large purchase.

We absolutely never share this information with any individual, or company of any kind whatsoever.
We may email you an occassional in-house newsletter that will prominently display a link you can use to unsubscribe at any time.

How Secure is My Information?
Protecting your personal information: We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL 128-bit) encryption to scramble your personal and credit card information as it travels over the internet during the checkout process..
In addition, we encrypt every credit card number we store in our databases.

Unlike many e-commerce sites, we don't require our customers to create an account and keep information on file with us.

Intellectual Property: By visiting our site you agree not to use our copyright information. Please do not distribute, disseminate, or otherwise use our logos, trademarks, graphics or other intellectual property.

© Copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved